Ali Zidane, PhD

Research focus at RERI

Reservoir Simulation Engineering. Includes but not limited to:

Structured and unstructured mesh generation in 2D, 2.5D and 3D.

Numerical modelling of single and multi-phase flow coupled with mass transport in porous media (fractured and unfractured). Modelling is based on the Hybrid Mixed Fined Element Method (HMFEM) to solve the flow equation coupled with the Discontinuous Galerkin Method (DGM) to solve for the mass balance equation.

Fracture modelling is based on the DFM approach with a (n-1)D representation. Where n is the dimension of the matrix domain.

Selected publications

Zidane, A., and Firoozabadi, A.: "An implicit numerical model for multicomponent compressible two-phase flow in porous media; Advances in Water Resources 85 (2015) 64–78.

Zidane, A., and Firoozabadi, A.: "An Efficient Numerical Model for Multicomponent Compressible Flow in Fractured Porous Media," Advances in Water Resources (2014) 74, 127-147.

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