Minwei Sun, PhD

Research focus at RERI

Hydrate anti-agglomeration

In order to avoid hydrate plugging during oil/gas drilling and transportation at high sub-cooling conditions, low dosage anti-agglomerants (AAs) are highly desired by petroleum industry. Although it is essential for designing high efficient AAs, the anti-agglomeration mechanism is not clear. In this project, such mechanism is well addressed, including the effects of oil/water ratio, AA species, cosurfactant species and salinity. Based on the study of model systems, optimal solutions for real systems (methane hydrate in crude oil at high pressure) will also be investigated.

Selected Publications

Sun, M., Firoozabadi, A., Chen, G.J., and Sun, C.Y. : "Hydrate Size Measurements in Anti-agglomeration at High Watercut by New Chemical Formulation," Energy and Fuels  (2015), 29, 2901-2905.   

Sun, M., and Firoozabadi, A.: "Gas Hydrate Powder Formation – Ultimate Solution in Natural Gas Flow Assurance," Fuel (2015), 146, pp. 1-5.

Sun, M., and Firoozabadi, A.: "Natural Gas Hydrate Particles in Oil-Free Systems with Kinetic Inhibition and Slurry Viscosity Reduction," Energy Fuels (2014), 28, 1890-1895.

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