Taniya Kar, PhD
(650) 961-3510

Fields of Interest

Fluid Flow in Porous Media; Fluid Interfacial Properties; CO2 Viscosification and Sequestration; Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery; Flow Assurance.

Selected publications

Kar, T., Chavez-Miyauchi, T.E., Firoozabadi, A. and Pal, M. 2020. "Improved Oil Recovery in Carbonates by Ultra-Low Concentration of Functional Molecules in Injection Water through Increase in Interfacial Viscoelasticity." Langmuir, 36(41): 12160-12167.

Kar, T., Naderi, K., and Firoozabadi, A. 2020. "Asphaltene Deposition and Removal in Flowlines and Mitigation by Effective Functional Molecules." SPE Journal, 25(02), 771-787, SPE-199878-PA.